This is the blog of P.A. Spayd, biographer/writer of the General Fritz Bayerlein book series published by Schiffer Publishing of Atglen, Pa. Due to Freedom of Speech and Expression issues – banned by Facebook – Pat seeks to have alternative Free Speech alternatives to FB tyranny and ‘community standards”  If she wrote, “Adolf Hitler was a bloodthirsty warlord” who cares? But write, “Muhammed was a bloodthirsty warlord” and get banned by Facebook, although Muhammed both killed and ordered killed many thousands of Arabs, Jews, Christians as well as atheists. But its not politically correct to point out the Prophet has No Clothes and its a fact that he was indeed a bloodthristy warlord, child rapist, murdering madman who duped young Arab followers into doing his bidding, then makes apostasy a death sentence.  Well, there is your ‘religion of peace’ which is really a barbaric social system!